Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights The PAMU Unique Bluetooth Earbuds (Review) –

Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights The PAMU Unique Bluetooth Earbuds (Review)

I’m lucky enough to get to try out a number of new electronic devices and specifically some really good Bluetooth earbuds. I really enjoy watching as the technology evolves and quite simple as the sound and performance get better and better.

Today I’ll be test driving the new PAMU Unique Bluetooth Earbuds and I’m excited to say that these look like a contender for my favorite workout earbuds.  If you’re not familiar, these earbuds are wireless with a case that actually charges the earbuds (once the case itself is charged). This allows you to charge and store your earbuds at the same time, and provides an extra portable charge for your longer walks, hikes or workouts.

The earbuds use the latest Qualcomm aptX Classic CQQ3020 chip which lowers power consumption and increases the transmission capacity 8-times. They feature touch control, dual-mic noise cancelling, 30-hours of play time, comfortable and adjustable fit, powerful bass, Bluetooth 5.0, Auto-pairing, IPX6 sweat proof, USB type-C fast charging and a 400mAh charging case. If that’s not enough fun, you can also customize the look of your charging case with several magnetic (and artistic) covers.

I’m an avid runner and I typically log over 25-miles a week, and as you can imagine, my earbuds have become a really important part of my gear.  I always like to put my earbuds through several tests and I review them based on comfort, sound, battery life and overall performance across a number of conditions…so off we go.Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights The PAMU Unique Bluetooth Earbuds (Review)

The PAMU Unique Bluetooth Earbuds have a really comfortable ergonomic design and they come with six sizes of ear tips to customize their fit (S,S+,M,M+,L,L+). The M+ fit perfectly for me and the snug fit not only helped with their nose-cancelling performance but they also stayed in my ear. There’s nothing more frustrating that having your earbuds bounce out while you’re running, but I’m happy to report the PAMU Unique earbuds stayed solidly in my ears even over the rough trail terrain I sometimes run on. Overall these have to be as good or better than any previous earbuds I’ve tested as far as comfort and ergonomics.Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights The PAMU Unique Bluetooth Earbuds (Review)

The earbuds connected to my iPod Nano quickly and easily so I next tested the sound quality of the PAMU Unique and I was definitely impressed. The sound and especially the booming base for music was first class and the overall sound quality of the music coming from the earbuds was really good. I also appreciated how well the nose-cancelling kept the wind noise and the noise of the fall leaves crunching under my feet to a minimum. I also managed to accidentally receive a phone call while I was running and the call sounded great. There was no road noise from the cars going by and the call sounded crystal clear. Overall I’d say the PAMU Unique have great sound for music and phone calls.

Next up I tested out the battery life and charging of the PAMU Unique Bluetooth Earbuds and I’d have to say they did well. I like to only charge my device once a week which typically puts about 6-hours or so of workout time between charges. The PAMU Unique lasted well beyond that and almost made it two weeks of heavy use and testing without needing a charge.  Add in that you can actually quick charge the earbuds using the charger case on the go and I’d say that even if you’re using them a lot, you’d be hard pressed to lose power. Overall I’d say the charging format and capacity of the PAMU Unique is really good.

Most of my usage of earbuds is working out and that’s typically how I test them, however, the PAMU Unique had some additional features that I thought I’d test out. My indoor run was in a warm room, so I can attest to the fact that these earbuds are sweat proof. I also can attest to the fact that these earbuds stayed connected even when they were bouncing around and not necessarily right next to my iPod. I also really liked the touch control that allowed me to play or pause music, answer phone calls, skip ahead to a new song and even raise or lower the volume. I can’t tell you how important it is to be able to manage your music while running without having to dig around to pull out the iPod and the PAMU Unique do it really well.Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights The PAMU Unique Bluetooth Earbuds (Review)


Overall I’d say I’m really impressed with the PAMU Unique Bluetooth Earbuds. Their sound and noise-cancelling technology were really good, they paired easily, the earbuds fit really well, they stayed in my ears and the battery life and charging were really good. The earbuds and customizable charging case look great and the touch/tap control really makes them usable and actually fun to wear…and while I’m no expert on chip or Bluetooth technology, I can say that the PAMU Unique connected easily and reliably and they simply sound great.

I will continue to test the PAMU Unique Bluetooth Earbuds for a longer term test and report back with any new findings. For now I can say that these are definitely one of my all-time favorite earbuds and I think they have found a permanent place in my workout gear.

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