Recommendations for VERY fruity beans? : Coffee

TL;DR – Can someone please recommend somewhere I can buy beans that smell intensely of berries?

Last year, my gf’s roommate moved out of their apt and I inherited an old bag of Ethiopia Sidamo that she left behind in the kitchen cabinet. The beans were 10 months old so I didn’t expect much but upon opening the bag and giving it a sniff, it was like a blueberry muffin exploded in my face. It was amazing. For my gf, hitherto more of a tea drinker, this was her moment of Ethiopian Coffee Enlightenment

Since the end of that bag, I have been searching incessantly for a coffee that could match that experience. I’ve serendipitously encountered big fruit bombs like this in the past but now, $200 and 10 months of drinking almost nothing but Ethiopian naturals later, I’ve got nothing to show for it. I even went to Philly to get the very same beans from the same roaster, but one vintage newer. No dice. Along the way, I certainly had rather fruity coffees, but nothing came close to the first bag. The blueberry aroma was so intense, that if I even just walked past the closed kitchen cabinet containing the beans, I could smell it.

I’ve wondered if the age of the beans had something to do with it. I understand that off-gassing makes lighter beans better after they’ve been sitting for a while after roasting, but 10 months? Does the aromatic improvement curve extend that long?

I am at my wits end. I would like to drink other coffees that are not Ethiopian naturals again but every time I’m at the store, I always see another one and the prospect of it being the elusive berry bonanza consumes me and I get it. Alas, the coffee is good, but the lack of aromatic intensity disappoints. What’s worse is my gf has all but given up as well and is turning back to tea after a long battle to get her to appreciate the merits of the bean.

My set up and method, for the those curious:

– 1Zpresso JX – 1.5 rotations

– V60 (Hoffman or 4:6 method)

– Tap water

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