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Developed and released by Electronic Arts and Tiburon NASCAR is all about racing. It doesn’t involve combat or any kind of violence; it just brings you behind the wheel and lets you drive as fast as you can. Its reputation as the best racing game is still undisputed as every edition of the game gets better and better quality wise. The latest version of the game has been released for the PS2 system, the Xbox system as well as for Play Station Portable (PSP).

The latest edition of the NASCAR racing game, the NASCAR 2007, has been released by Electronic Arts in the autumn of 2006 and it immediately became a success. Compared to the previous NASCAR games the 2007 edition makes the car easier to handle by the player and allows him to adjust the level of control he can exercise on the car he is driving. You get to drive real race cars against 43 opponents reaching speeds in excess of 180 miles per hour and performing maneuvers that defy physics in the best racing game imagined so far. The adrenaline doesn’t get much higher than this.

To help you improve your driving measure the level of control you have over the car Electronic Arts have added a sliding scale to the game which can help you achieve complete control of the vehicle. Also, you now have the opportunity to compete against specific drivers and have a different experience on the track every single time. The effects added to the game make the race very realistic: the sounds of the engines, the solar effects and the camera shaking effects as well as the blurring images all contribute to completing the real atmosphere of a real race.

For those of you who do not yet master the art of driving a race car the NASCAR racing game comes complete with a tutorial by Kenny Wallace himself that gets you ready to go behind the wheel. Play the NASCAR racing game on your PlayStation Portable and feel the extreme speed while you race against real NASCAR teams. The best racing game developed so far is also available in PC version, PS2 version as well as the Xbox video game version. Just get behind the wheel and race against professionals.

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