Good manual coffee grinder under $100 USD and is easy to use? : Coffee

I’ve been using a vintage coffee grinder for a few years now but lately my hands have been getting black when I use it. Apparently that’s because of the friction between two cast iron pieces moving against each other when I grind the coffee, resulting in iron dust accumulating on top of and some even inside the grinder. Here is what it looks like. Some iron won’t kill me but I’m sure it’s not healthy. I was thinking of putting a washer between the two pieces but it would still be rubbing against the cast iron.

I’m now temporarily using a vintage turkish spice mill I had which grinds the coffee but it’s a lot more work and takes forever. I see that most of the recommended coffee grinders are similar in design I’m just wondering if those coffee grinders would be any easier than what I’m using right now. Here it is. Inside of spice mill. If the modern grinders are easier to grind coffee than this, is there a recommended one under $100 that is well built and replacement parts can be found if needed? Hoping it lasts forever.

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