Modded PS3 Controllers: Get Really Good Really Fast

Like most people out there, video gaming is a privilege and a hobby, not a profession. This was all fine and dandy in the world of retro gaming, but what about now in the world of online multiplayer gaming? As a casual gamer, you have no interest in getting destroyed online when going against guys who game 18 hours per day. You just want to go online and get you fair share of kills and headshots.

So before you go out and drop out of school or quit your job, custom modded controllers are just the solution to even the playing field with these hardcore gamers. Modded controllers quickly and easily convert your single-shot and semi-automatic weapons to fire like that of a fully-automatic weapon. Guns that would require a separate trigger pull for each bullet fired now are able to continually rapid fire by simply holding down the trigger.

Modded PS3 Controllers

Like most casual gamers out there, you've most likely gone out and Googled controller mods to determine out what all the hype is about. No doubt you've then stepped into a complicated world of different types of mods and modes and add-ons that was just way too complicated for you to wrap your head around. Well rest assured, we're about to clear up this whole complicated world and get you back to gaming and most importantly winning, fast.

When talking about controller mods, it all comes down to the rapid fire. Gamers want to be able to destroy the competition by holding down the trigger and emptying an entire magazine into an unsuspecting enemy. With a high quality rapid fire controller mod, you will be able to take on those enemies armed with an Uzi style sub-machine gun even if you're only sporting an M1911 pistol.

How Do I Know Which PS3 Rapid Fire Controller is Right for Me.

Features to look for in a high quality PS3 controller mod include ease of installation, simplicity of operation and a high degree of compatibility with current and future game titles. The number of modes a PS3 controller mod offers is not necessarily important because many vendors over state mode numbers to begin with but what is important are the following modes:

Dual Rapid Fire

When you simply want to mash all enemies, this mode allows for dual rapid fire for your Akimbo or dual wielding guns.

Sniper Double Tap

Executes a double-tap when using your sniper rifles. Meaning you can put 2 rounds on target lightning fast and without muzzle flip

Jitter Rapid Fire

Designed specifically for burst-fire weapons such as the M16 or FAMAS to convert them to fully-automatic weapons with one pull of the trigger.

Fast Reload

Quite simply decreases the amount of time it takes to reload a weapon magazine by upwards of 50%.

Dropshot Rapid Fire

When in this mode, simply press and hold the trigger to drop to the prone position while maintaining rapid fire. Releasing the trigger returns user to standing.

User Programmable

Allows the user to customize the shots fired per second giving you complete control.

How it Works

When you get to the heart of the matter, it is actually quite simple, PS3 modded controllers have the ability to fire weapons faster than you or anyone else's trigger finger can fire that same weapon. The beauty of high quality rapid fire mods is that you still get to use the same controller and button configuration you've grown used to and love.


And there you have it, you are ready to venture into the world of PS3 rapid fire controller mods armed with the knowledge to make a purchase to best suit your needs. Keep in mind, PS3 modded controllers are completely legal and in use by 100s of thousands of gamers so don't get left behind.

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