Madden 13 Strategy: Ball Control 101

One of the easiest ways to frustrate your opponent in Madden 13 is by using the time, test, and proven method of ball control. As I will discuss below, I have been using this strategy since 2008 with great success.

Have you forfeited an important match to an opponent in which you were confident you should have defeated. If you would've just simply implemented the following plan in which I'm about to talk about with you, you would probably have comfortably strolled away with a win against any weakened competitor.

Believe it or not, I've implemented this same exact approach to be able to contend with a number of the top players within the Madden leaderboards.

Are you interested in knowing the easy system which you will be able to start implementing to be able to become much more successful with Madden 13, secure extra wins, and also possibly make it easy for you to be competitive with the top players within the Madden leaderboards?

Ball control is the key to your success.

I am aware that this solution is definitely straightforward, and also I am aware that you likely did not have an, "Ahha," moment, nonetheless, while the following appears to be practical, you'd be shocked to hear that almost none of the gamers I verse on Xbox Live use this plan.

I've essentially been implementing this plan ever since Madden 10, and in NCAA having good results. I'm generally sitting in the top 500 in each game in the Xbox Live leaderboard whenever I implement this particular system.

I'm not just referring to your standard ball control offense. I'm talking about after just about every play which you call, basically allowing the play clock go down to somewhere between 1 to 5 seconds, before you'll finally snap the ball. If you wish to utilize this plan effectively, you might want to consider the next tips.

Have Patience.

Are you looking to discover the reason the following plan is effective? Mainly because no one seems to have any patience. Just about every person I verse on Xbox Live gets angry whenever I implement this plan. How come? Simply because it's a powerful approach.

With the use of this plan, I've forced my competitor to patiently wait to pick their defensive play, before I eventually pick my offensive play. If I pick my offensive play sooner, I'll let my players to leave the huddle, however, wait around for the playclock to drop down to around 1 to 5 seconds prior to eventually hiking the ball. This makes everyone upset! What's even better is that if you happen to go up by 10 points, game over.

The crucial element to not forget here is that no one has patience. Almost everyone is in a rush! Almost everyone would like their opportunity to perform on offense, and no one wants to play on the defensive side of the ball.

Mix in the running game with play-action passes.

We really don't want to work the ball up the gut 3 times in a row, and then have to punt. Save that approach for the final moments in the match.

Your plan, in this case isn't to not have originality. Your plan here is to run down the clock, and be original when you're doing the work. Blending together play-action, running plays, and screen passes happens to be many of the most effective strategies to help keep the defense puzzled.

You'll also need to implement the occasional deep route to totally shake things up. If your competitor notices you're a wasting time, which often, they will notice, then they are going to for no reason, anticipate the deep pass coming.

Bottom line.

If you want to get into your opposition's head, and completely destroy all competition that tries to get in your way, try using the simple techinques that I have discussed above. In Madden, especially online, one of the largest pet peeves among community members is when people waste clock. Although it may be a pet peeve, this is a legit, sim strategy, and even used in real-lift football.

Source by Taylor Thompson

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