Extremely bitter yet fast espresso shot : Coffee


I received a PID for my Gaggia Classic and tried my first shot with it. While it was the cleanest shot I’ve ever made (no coffee spilled everywhere through the naked PF), but I got ~2x yield (18 in, 38 out) in 20 seconds and it tasted bitter as hell.

From my understanding of the espresso compass it means that I’m over-extracting and should decrease yield. But if I do that, my time variable will move as well and I will end up with a 15 seconds shots, so I am a bit lost.

What variable should I change to try to improve my espresso?

Setup :

  • Gaggia Classic 2012 with PID + Pre-infusion (1.5s pre-infusion + 2.5s delay before actually pulling the shot)

  • Niche Zero on 10

  • VST 18g basket + Naked PF

I don’t know if it counts, but I tamped as hard as I could to make one less variable to worry about from shot to shot.

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