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Just curious if anyone else is going through this bullshit with Xbox All Access and Citizens One:

I enrolled in the Xbox All Access program through Amazon in November 2019 and credit was approved by Citizens One. Fast forward to December 2020 and I receive an email from Citizens One saying it is time to upgrade. So far so good.

I complete a new credit application and am approved. I choose to trade in my Xbox One X for a Xbox Series X. Amazon is no longer providing the consoles and I ordered with Gamestop. I receive an email saying my line of credit for the old Xbox will be placed on hold, that a trade-in kit will be mailed to me, and as long as they receive the old Xbox the old line of credit will be removed.

I placed my order on 12/15/2020 and received my Xbox on 12/22/2020. Awesome. I called Citizens One on 12/29/2020 asking for the status of the trade-in kit. First they tell me I have to call Gamestop. I explain that in the email it explicitly states:

r/xbox - Xbox All Access Financed through Citizens One

They finally admit they will be sending the trade-in kit and ask me to wait due to the holidays and pandemic. Sure.

My old Xbox account has not been placed on hold and I was charged in December and will be charged again this month. I call Citizens One on 1/11/2021 and they have no record of my previous call. They tell me to call Gamestop again…!? WTF. The first lady puts me on hold and the call gets “disconnected.” I call again and am told there is an issue in the system and it will be escalated. They cannot provide any time estimates or email confirmations.

I’m not very happy so I call again and speak with Jim. He says he found the issue: the system to trigger the trade-in kit thought I only made 11 payments when there needs to be 12 payments for the previous Xbox. Ok, then how was I able to order and receive the new Xbox?

He says my account will be placed on hold by the end of day and I will receive an email confirmation. I log in this morning and surprise surprise, the account is not on hold and no email.

My question is, has anyone received their trade-in kits from Citizens One, or at least received email statuses or anything of the like? Just curious if I am the only one having issues getting a straight answer out of them.

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