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For the last 150 years the team at Dewar’s has been making some of the best whiskies available on the market.

Founded in 1846 as a humble spirit-merchant, John Dewar and his two sons quickly moved to blending their own whiskey, starting one of the oldest and most beloved distilleries worldwide.

You don’t get to be a globally renowned Whiskey name if you don’t innovate, and the team at Dewar’s has continued to take bold strides to push the boundaries of the spirits world. Their latest project has been Dewar’s Smooth range, a dynamic multiple-launch campaign uniting cultures and casks.

Dewar's Ginger Hightball Pour

Dewar’s Ginger Hightball Pour

The program launched with Dewar’s Caribbean Smooth. The expression is a blend of up to 40 single malt and grain whiskies that have been aged for at least eight years before starting their second aging process in ex-Caribbean Rum casks. The rum casks leave the spirit with notes of brown sugar, tropical fruits, and a caramel finish. The second was Dewar’s Ilegal Smooth, the world’s first Scotch Whiskey aged in Mezcal casks. Flavor notes include caramel, sliced green pepper, and a long wisp of smoke at the finish.

Dewar's Ginger Highball

Dewar’s Ginger Highball

As the next stop in the series, Dewar’s travels to the shores of Portugal with the exciting announcement of Portuguese Smooth aged in port casks. The double aging process creates an exceptionally smooth flavor with notes of ripe apricot, honeydew melon, red cherries, black currents, and heather honey with finishing notes of creamy vanilla.

Dewar's Portugeuse Old Fashioned

Dewar’s Portuguese Old Fashioned

Dewar’s has always stuck to a “drink it how you like it” approach, but with the Smooth line, in particular, the dramatic notes imparted by each cask open up endless doors for cocktail exploration. The brand recommends starting with a highball to begin exploring the depth each expression brings. For the Portuguese Smooth, start by trying it neat, then move to either a spiced or ginger highball. Once you’ve explored its subtleties, it makes a mean Old Fashioned!

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