Voice Chat not being sent to correct channel on Xbox? : xbox

So I don’t know if this is an Xbox bug or a Fortnite bug, but it only started happening when I changed over to Xbox Series X and had to use USB instead of Optical.

I’ve used both Astro A40 and A50s, both have the same issue. So it may be an issue with xbox and USB headsets.

But seeing as Fortnite is basically the only game I use comms on, it’s the only game I know of with this issue.

The basics of it is on Xbox, the game chat voice channel gets mixed into the game audio, and there’s no real separation of them. This means the only way to control the audio of voice chat is via the in game slider.

The reason this is now an issue is because Astro headsets are designed to make use of a Voice channel, and a Game channel. Which allows you to adjust the volume on your Astro headset vs in the game itself.

This is also an issue when it comes to recording videos (with the built in Xbox DVR) because it now captures people talking in game but not you, because your mic isn’t in the game audio channel (makes for some really awkward videos).

I did do a look at the known issues for xbox series x, and one of them is close to my problem. But it lists 3.5mm headphones and the controller; where I’m using USB.

TL;DR: Player voices are playing on the same channel as game sounds, making sound mixing borked on Astros (And likely other headsets with game/voice channels).

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