LOUIS XIII Cognac Opens For Online Cognac Sales

Master Cognac makers, LOUIS XIII, has announced the launch of an immersive e-boutique for customers in the United States.

The launch will take visitors to the website through a journey showcasing the brands key values of experience and time. Along with allowing clients to purchase cognac directly from the website for the first time, the new user-centric website aims to re-imagine online shopping as a luxury experience. The platform will allow for benefits like exclusive online concierge service and access to events across the globe.

LOUISXIII Jeroboam Carafe on Case

LOUIS XIII Jeroboam Carafe on Case

Customers will be able to purchase items form the LOUIS XIII collection from the website thanks to an integrated Reserve Bar module that directs to a branded cart on the Reserve Bar platform for checkout. The miniature, classic, and magnum decanters are available for purchase. The brands most valued clients will also have access to a pre-ordering system and privileged direct contact with a Private Director from the brand.



Additionally, the new website will feature a “Collectors Platform” that works as a personal collection space configured with customers preferences that itemizes the purchase history allowing for easy reordering. In the coming months the brand will be adding new features and options, many of which are currently only available at retail locations.

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