Let Us Play Diablo 2

Diablo 2 is the sequel of the famous game Diablo. This dark fantasy themed action role game is of dungeon roaming styled game full of gash and slash. This game had been developed by Blizzard North and has been released for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS 2000. Diablo 2 had been the most popular game in 2001-2002 and a lot of factors contributed to its success. The game has basically an addictive theme of hack and slash and free access to Battle.net thus giving the player various options to play. It may be played as a single player, multiplayer through LAN or multi-player via Battle.net.

Diablo II Lord of Destruction was released in 2001 and this game ruled the hearts of gamers till another sequel Diablo III had been announced in June 2008. This game is still popular among young fans. The player assumes the role of a hero and goes on fighting monsters while he traverses through dungeons and land. There are four acts in this game and each follows a predetermined path. Each act has an aim to destroy the boss monster and upon killing which the player proceeds to the next level or act. An interesting game Diablo 2 allows players to have a thrill of real time action with sophisticated weapons and powers.

You can choose between five different characters to play the game. They are Amazon, Necromancer, Sorceress, Paladin and Barbarian. Each of these characters has different strengths and weaknesses along with set of skills to choose from to fight the monsters. Along with the four acts, the player has difficulty levels too to complete. The game has three difficulty levels – Normal, Nightmare and Hell. A character first has to complete Normal to proceed to Nightmare and consequently to Hell. Each difficulty level is a greater challenge and has features of increased difficulty. The Villains become more skilled and dangerous. The player has to develop a hardcore character to slain them!

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