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Just got this brewer a few days ago. Been trying it out and I must say, it makes some pretty decent coffee. My brews come out to be quite strong, with a fuller body, but with a touch more bitterness at the end as compared to a normal v60.

It uses a very fine mesh filter. Hence, there will be more coffee oils in the final brew. The filter had a tiny bit of sediment that passed through, but it’s effect on the brew was quite minimal to my taste budsss. It did not taste like it had much sediment(think: french press) and came out quite clean.

The draw down was really slow though, but this might be on my part; due to water temp(88C) or the fines clogging up the mesh. I would recommend grinding slightly courser to counteract this. I was using a niche at setting 40.

This filter is pretty tiny, spanning only 7cm in diameters. The filter itself is plastic, but the holder is silicone, making it very light. This would be great for travelling or just trying to take up as little space for your set up. It sits nicely on top of small cups too.

Cleanup of the filter is pretty easy as well, dump out the grounds and wash the rest in the sink. If the beans are a little stuck, wait a while for the puck to dry then try to knock the grounds out again. After that, rinse with some soap and leave it to dry.

Some downsides:

  1. Being made of plastic, the filter does not really hold temperature very well. This might lead to lower a temperature in your final brew.

  2. The capacity is quite small, only holding a max 200ml of water in my experience. Hence, i would only recommend this for single cup brewing.

Overall, i highly recommend this dripper. It makes a clean cup without the need for a filter paper. Those who might be looking to reduce on their carbon footprint or might just be looking for a new dripper to try, this would be a great option.

Here’s how it looks like https://imgur.com/a/PFeX3qO

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