Mobile Gaming, prefer dedicated controllers like BackBone/Kishi or controller clip? Trying to prepare for xCloud on iOS release : xboxone

I’m trying to prepare myself for the release of xCloud on iOS so I’ve been testing out a couple of different mobile gaming options and i’m curious to see what other people’s setup is when gaming on their phone? Do you prefer using a dedicated mobile gaming controller like the BackBone or Razer Kishi Or do you prefer using a full-sized controller with a gaming clip attached like the OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip? If you have both, do you use them both equally or do you game on one more than the other.

I recently bought the BackBone, Razer Kishi, and Otterbox Mobile Gaming Clip and have been testing all 3 out to see which one fits for me. Comparing the BackBone and Razer Kishi, I would say the BackBone is superior in every way except portability. The Razer Kishi’s condensing mechanism allows it to fit in your pocket pretty easily. Also, I like the analog stick tension on the Razer Kishi over the BackBone but that’s a small detail. But in every other aspect like build quality, software, button clickiness, comfortability, etc the BackBone is better and since both retail around $100, I would choose the BackBone over the Kishi any day.

Now the next comparison was with the Otterbox Mobile Gaming Clip vs BackBone. I really love the Xbox controller. I have large hands which makes the full-size controller much more comfortable than the BackBone. The only downsides I’ve seen with the clip are the weight distribution is weird and having the controller + the phone is a much larger form factor than just the BackBone. Also because how the weight distribution with the phone on the clip it’s very uncomfortable playing lying down.

Note – I installed iOS 14.5 public beta and that is how I’ve been using the Xbox Controller with my iPhone since 14.5 hasn’t been released yet

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