Craps Strategy – The Mechanics Of Playing Craps

At the craps table only one person has the control of the dice at any one time. and the numbers he throws with the dice will determine what all the craps players win. The shoot, as a series of rolls is known in craps, goes around the table clockwise, with each player getting the opportunity to roll the dice. Once a player has the dice he is in control until he throws a seven after a point has been established.. Players do not have to roll the dice, they can relinquish the dice prior to a come out roll, or leave the table when in the middle of a shoot if he/she has to be elsewhere.

When a shooter is ready to roll, one of the craps staff known as a stickman will offer several dice from which the shooter selects two. Before rolling the shooter must make a line bet, either pass or don’t pass on the craps table layout. After this bet the craps shooter may roll the dice onto the layout. The dice must hit the far wall of the craps table before coming to rest. This ensures fairness for the casino, by getting a random bounce on the dice.

The first roll is known as the come out roll and is the most important in the game. It determines the point that must be repeated for what are known as right bettors (betting with the shooter against the house) to collect on a multitude of bets.

A come out bet will occur when,

  • The previous shooter sevened out – rolled a seven before repeating the point
  • When a new shooter is rolling the dice for the first time
  • After a shooter has rolled 7 or 11 on the previous come out roll
  • After a shooter has rolled a craps (2,3 or 12) on the previous come out roll ( a losing pass bet)
  • After a shooter has repeated his point before throwing a seven
  • In the next article I will talk about the pre come out roll bets and the point.

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