Mommy’s Having a Watermelon by Danny and Kim Adlerman

“Mommy is having a watermelon.

I know it’s crazy, but it’s true.”

In this laugh-out-loud story, children’s book veterans Danny and Kim Adlerman bring to life that saying every expecting Mom dreads to hear, “You look like you’ve got a watermelon in there!”

Our main character, Zoe, knows something strange is happening to Mommy and this is the story of how she thinks it’s all her fault. Early last summer at a family picnic, Zoe and her friend Madeleine had so much fun telling stories and jokes that a watermelon seed flew out of her mouth and landed right in Mommy’s glass. A month later Mommy complains that she hasn’t been feeling well and one day while her brother is patting Mom’s growing stomach, he says, “You look like you’ve got a watermelon in there!” Zoe thinks it’s all because of that seed she accidentally spit into her Mom’s glass. Zoe spends a lot of time waiting and worrying, wondering where the melon would go after it came out of Mommy. Before long, the big day arrives, and the nurse lifts a bundle out of the cart. To Zoe’s surprise, it’s a baby girl- not a watermelon! Phew!

The story is in easy-reader format for children ages 7-10 and is told in six very short chapters, making it a quick and fun read. Halsey’s art is a unique multi-media style that combines collage and watercolors. You really feel Zoe’s dread and guilt as Mommy’s belly is shown underneath a belly x-ray machine, and I enjoyed the ‘science’ picture of Mom swallowing the seed.

This is a great book to use as an introduction for “the big talk” and for those young readers who are curious as to where watermelons come from!

In addition to a wonderful story, there are bonus watermelon recipes in the back of the book, provided by the National Watermelon Promotion board, such as Frosted Watermelon and Watermelon in a Blanket.

Additional Information:

Authors: Danny and Kim Adlerman

Illustrator: Megan Halsey

Publisher: The Kids at Our House; April 15, 2009

Reading Level: 7-10

Pages: 44

Source by Lori Calabrese

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