The Dread X Collection, an anthology of ‘playable teasers’, includes new game by Dusk creator

Of all the ephemera of gaming’s past to make a comeback in this modern era, I’m surprised and pleased to see demo discs once more, which have been unshackled from the front of magazines and plonked on the internet, most notably in the form of the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc. Following on from that grab-bag of polygonal weirdness, here are more horror-tinged pseudo-demos from the likes of Faith developer Airdorf, and Dusk creator David Szymanski, both of which will feature in the upcoming Dread X Collection, coming “very soon”.

Put together by Dread XP, The Dread X Collection is a paid anthology of ‘playable teasers’, though it will only set you back $7, $2 of which will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. The result of a week-long “curated game jam”, the ten-game-strong collection will include games by Northbury Grove developers Scythe, Haunted Demo Disc’s Lovely Hellplace, Airdorf, who created the spooky Faith series, and David Szymanski, developer of retro-styled FPS Dusk.

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